Not only is PayPal leaving out the information in email notifications, but it's not allowing sellers to view the email address of buyers even when signed in to their PayPal accounts. Confusing matters is that PayPal is phasing in this change - the first indication of a change was in this Letter to the Editor we published on April 7th - some

How do I choose my Primary email address? - PayPal How to change your primary email address on PayPal You can quickly change your primary email on PayPal through your settings, provided that you have at least two email addresses added to your account. Be aware that you'll have to confirm any new change of email address for Ebay - PayPal Community

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How to Change Your Primary PayPal Email Address. I f you have an old email address on your PayPal account – one that you don’t use anymore or one you rarely check -you may be causing yourself problems. If you purchase something online using PayPal and your email address on your PayPal account is incorrect, the seller won’t be able to send you confirmations or if you ordered non-tangible 6 Common Paypal Scams and How to Avoid Them

Mar 11, 2018

As Layla has already posted, click on the "+" symbol in the email address box to add a new email address. After the new email address is confirmed, click on the "pencil" icon to edit your newly confirmed email address. This will open a new page where you can click on the "make primary" box and then click on the blue "Change" button.