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Mangle MeleerangeInstant cast Mangle the target for physical damage. Damage varies by shapeshift form. Generates 5 Rage when used in Bear Form and awards 1 combo point when used in Cat Form. Mangle is a druid ability learned at level six. For the removed [Cat Form] specifics, see [Mangle (cat)] ; for the current [Bear Form] specifics, see [Mangle (bear)] . Patch Changes Patch 3.3.3 (2010-03-23 Mangle would be the only roaming animatronic during the Fnaf 2 minigame Save Them. This is a question we don't have a clear answer to. Mangle's voice is a mash of a male and female voice to create a gender confusion Mangle is a nickname, her real name was probably Funtime Foxy according to the merch and Fnaf World. Dec 11, 2018 · Mangle porn animation in male POV. Not my favorite of the bunch, but it's still very nicely done for a few years old. Mangle (sometimes referred to as The Mangle by Phone Guy or Toy Foxy by fans) is one of the new animatronics and one of the antagonists in the game Five Nights at Freddy's 2. It is the redesigned version of Foxy. Appearance . Compared to the original Foxy, Mangle's nose has been reduced in size.

Nightmare Mangle Five Nights at Freddys Series 2 Exclusive Fox Plush Toy Doll 8" $8.95. shipping: + $0.99 shipping .

Mangle is is a broken pink fox animatronic. They usually starts their videos saying "Ahoy!". Their first appearance was in If Foxy was the Phone Guy 2 and their first Let's Play was Five Nights at Freddy's (Night 6). Demon Cursed Mangle becomes active on Night 2. They start in the Restrooms off-camera before appearing. Then they move to the Parts/Service, Main Room - South, and the Break Room Synonyms for mangle in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for mangle. 40 synonyms for mangle: crush, mutilate, maim, deform, cut, total, tear, destroy, ruin, mar, rend, wreck

Jul 08, 2017 · {SFM FNAF} Faded by Alan Walker Foxy x Mangle - Duration: 3:33. Vixy SFM xD 7,612,322 views. 3:33 "Bonnie Need This Feeling" FNAF Animation Music Video (Song by Ben Schuller)

mangle definition: The definition of a mangle is a machine with rollers which is used to press large smooth pieces of cloth. (noun) An example of a mangle is a machine in a cleaners which is used to iron sheets. Jul 23, 2020 · Mangle definition: If a physical object is mangled , it is crushed or twisted very forcefully, so that it is | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples The mangle board was then moved over the rolling pin in a back and forth movement, thereby smoothing the fabric. Finnish peasant using a mangle board, 19th century. Depiction of a woman using a mangle board, carved on a Norwegian mangle board, dated 1793 (private collection) mangle. . machine for smoothing and pressing linen and cotton clothes after washing, 1774, from Dutch mangel (18c.), apparently short for mangelstok, from stem of mangelen to mangle, from Middle Dutch mange, which probably is somehow from to Vulgar Latin *manganum "machine" (see mangonel), "but its history has not been precisely traced" [OED]. To mutilate or disfigure by battering, hacking, cutting, or tearing: fishing nets that mangle fish. 2. Mangles - definition of mangles by The Free Dictionary. For example, when you have Mangle (supposedly weak against Flyers) up on an enemy, and you use Takedown (weak against Beasts) the damage increase is the same (roughly 54 at level 25) against Flyers as against Aquatics, but smaller (roughly 36) against Beasts. Another way to look at it is that percentage that it increases an ability's damage