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100% CPU Usage - Is this bad for my PC in the long term Jun 09, 2013 CPU Usage at 100%- GPU usage at 50%. HELP ME! - Answer HQ After I downloaded and everything, on 64 man servers I'm getting really really really bad FPS ( 20-45) when I know I should be getting 60-120 FPS Turns out my CPU is using 100… Battlefield 5 100% cpu usage bad fps stability - Page 4

Note that the CPU usage will be high, the Internet usage will be at the maximum download speed that you are paying for, and that the disk-drive usage will be 100%. 9. Note that the built-in Windows Defender anti-virus will be actively scanning each download, and scanning each file that Windows Update is installing, pushing-up your CPU-usage and

The CPU running at 100% is not bad for your system. It may even be normal for your system if it does this under load (like gaming). The only thing you really need to worry about as far as the longevity of your system is the temperature (internal temperatures).

Oct 12, 2014 · My cpu(i7 970 at 3.2ghz) runs 20% usage and gfx 40% usage (690, technically 2 gpus and each runs between 30-60% while playing, but average around 40%). Used to get 50 fps on medium now i can get about 30 on lowest settings and less than 100% resolution settings (tested it out today on OP first light, 50% res settings and only hit about 32 fps

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